Kyokuto Die-casting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a Sino-Japanese joint venture die-casting company established by Mizutani Corporation of Japan and it was founded in Shanghai, China in 1995. The company specializes in die-casting mould design and production, aluminum alloy die-casting, aluminum casting CNC machining and parts and components assembly and other integrated services.

Professional Team

We have a professional and technical management team that has

     experiences of more than 20 years.

Advanced Equipments

We have over 60 sets of Japanese die-casting lines, and nearly more

      than 200 sets of Japanese and Germany CNC machining equipments.

Advanced Measure

It has the most comprehensive detection technology methods from

     Europe and Japan.

Cover All Die-casting Produce Process

The production process covers all the processes involved in casting,

       except for die-casting, surface treatment and machining, also

       includes anodizing, impregnation and passivation.

Super Abilities for Cleanliness

It has the maximum 400μm residual particles cleanliness guarantee